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        Dongguan Shengong Packaging
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        Dongguan Huida Packaging Paper

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        Company Profile

        Dongguan Shengong Packaging Co., Ltd. , established in 2005 , the company is designing pulp molding technology research and development , pulp molding production equipment and facilities , manufacturing as well as paper and plastic product design, production, sales and third-party services integrated enterprise.

        Through years of hard work , the company has molded pulp Technology Engineering Center , Ltd. Huida packaging paper plant, Plant , Bright Wealth ( Huiyang ) plant , Huida ( Conghua ) factory wholly owned or holding company, enterprises in the Northeast economic Zone , the Bohai Economic Zone , the Yangtze River Delta Economic industrial Zone , southwest economic Zone development of a talent, a solid backing technology.

        God the pulp molding technology engineering center dedicated to the characteristics of pulp molding production technology industry and other high-tech industries combine actively with the International Association of domestic paper fiber and more comprehensive university and industry experts to discuss relevant technologies , promoting technology continuous innovation and development, and to contribute to the cause of environmental protection . Founder involved in the development , " Chinese pulp molding industrial packaging" industry standards. Combined with advanced experience and technology in the pulping system, vacuum system , pressing system , drying system and other processes created a unique new technology, a number of national patent production technology , and can be widely applied , for business and society create more economic benefits.